West Side Story 1961 vs 2021

West Side Story 1961 vs 2021

We tend to break out into song, a lot. However, we’re not much on dancing. If these movies have taught us anything, it’s that in the 1950’s, both things happened a LOT. Especially in the midst of gang violence and tragic love stories. In 1961, Robert Wise, Rita Moreno and Natalie Wood gave us the original West Side Story, an adaptation of this Broadway production. In 2021, Steven Spielberg and Rita Moreno are giving us the re-telling of this classic tale. Get your dancing Chuck Taylor’s out of their mothballs and prepare your best Russ Tamblyn impression. We’re kicking it old school, as we’re headed to the west side! It’s our thoughts on ‘West Side Story’ 1961 versus 2021 as #Oscars week continues!

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