Ultraman or “Rubber Suits 101”

Ultraman or “Rubber Suits 101”

We all want to spend our lives fending off giant rubber suited monsters. This is every child’s dream, growing up. For this very special episode, we’re using our Beta Capsule to transform into Ultraman!

With a history that dates back to 1966, this kaiju fighting hero has deep roots. If you’re unfamiliar with Ultraman, then that’s about to all change.   Get ready to stomp on some major cities and kick some kaiju keister.

Luckily, we’ve got more than 3 minutes to spend on the topic. Ultraman, GO! (Also, that’s Kate Schellenbach with the Beastie Boys in the pic above!)

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This week’s Geek Life Radio Song/Artist of the week is “Confessions of a Neckbeard” by Wesley and the Crushers!

Wesley And The Crushers · 02 Confessions Of A Neckbeard

“Wesley”, known by many as the very soul of the Crushers, surprisingly did not always see himself as destined for greatness in the musical world. Many years ago, at a pivotal point in his life — failing the entrance exam to the Star-Fleet academy for the third consecutive time — “Wesley” was approached by the Traveler — an interstellar being who showed “Wesley” the vision of two possible life courses: one where he is a Star-Fleet Commander, and one where he is a dread-pirate, forever sailing long forgotten seas. Horrified by either option, “Wesley” began screaming in anguish, which, shocking to both him and the Traveler, was actually quite beautiful… and from that moment on, “Wesley” never stopped singing.

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