The Matrix 1999 vs The Matrix Resurrections 2021

The Matrix 1999 vs The Matrix Resurrections 2021

#Redpill or #bluepill?

What about that mythical brown pill?

If you are still plugged into ‘The #Matrix’ then you may be confused as to what our recent episode will be covering. If not, then welcome to the real world.

We all had our lives changed in 1999, when the original ‘Matrix’ film came out of nowhere and changed the modern landscape of action and science fiction films forever. It was a magical period of bullet time, wire work and Keanu’s transition to being a breathtaking legend.

With the recent release of ‘The Matrix #Resurrections’, we had to revisit a film that we never thought we’d see another sequel for. This is a deep dive back into the mythology and magic of a modern masterpiece and how it compares to its contemporary counterpart. Let’s plug back into ‘The Matrix’!

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