The Fear Show, that’s it.

The Fear Show, that’s it.

VSS WARNING! – That’s “very special show” warning, for the not in the know.

Yep, we’re going to do another fan request from astute listener David Jessen aka “Something Fruity from Denmark”…the Fear show. Seems that some people are curious on what we’re afraid of, so they’re gettin’ it. Warning, we get a little dark in this one, so if you’re expecting the ‘laff a minute’ show you ain’t going to get it here. We take a solid look at what scares us, from the giant nose monster nightmares from when we were kids, to our adult fears, death, loss, and the like.

You’re really taking a peek behind the curtain on this one, folks.

If this is the first time that you’re listening to us, well, choose from the other 111 shows we’ve already done. Get to know us a bit first.

Not to say that this is less than the regularly awesome shows that we’ve done, we discussed it at the end and decided to go ahead with it. Now with no further words, the Fear Show.

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