Punky Brewster and other bad ideas.

Punky Brewster and other bad ideas.

This is the show that all of you have been waiting for! With all of the reboots and carrying on of old series, this one finally happened. We’re talking about ‘Punky Brewster’!

A family friendly sitcom from the 80’s that told the story of an orphaned girl and her elder caretaker, this show is now being updated for the modern era. If you like your laughter canned and your jokes sanitary, then have we got an episode for you.

Grab those mismatched Chuck Taylor’s and a big ol’ mug of nostalgia, as we’re talking some serious Punky Power! wait, Glomer isn’t involved?

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This week’s Geek Life Radio song is WWSD? by Ookla the Mok

And as promised the Eddie Deezen movie poster.

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