Harry Potters! From the then to the 2021 Reunion!

Harry Potters! From the then to the 2021 Reunion!

20 years of Harry Potter. It’s hard to believe that our little wizards are all grown up now! Join Mike, Pat, Joel and Josh as we take a trip through the wizarding world and examine this juggernaut of a franchise. With such amazing names as Alan Rickman, Daniel Radcliffe, Richard Harris, Michael Gambon, Gary Oldman and so on and so on.

HBO has released a tribute to the series they’ll we’ll navigate our way through as we discuss which houses, we are all a part of, as well as our favorite characters, films and a certain Twitter feed.

It’s a Hagrid sized show, that only a house elf would dare to miss, unless he had been first given a sock. This week, ’40 Going On 14’ is taking a trip to Hogwarts’s with wands, wizards and whomping willows. It’s going to get “Riddikulus”!

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