Fantasy Island, 1977 original or 2021 Hulu remake?

Fantasy Island, 1977 original or 2021 Hulu remake?

Smiles, everyone smiles! Welcome to…Fantasy Island!

With these words Mr. Roarke would invite guests to live their fantasies, but always to learn a lesson while it happens. Sometimes, though it would turn into a “hunted by a psycho killer” or “trapped in a prison forever” situation. We discovered that the 1977 Fantasy Island that we recalled had a sinister twinge to it that we didn’t recall. Then there was that time Mr. Roarke fought the devil…yeah.

Join us as we delve into the #Fantasy Island of our youth and compare it to the 2021 remake that has just launched on #Hulu, and give some comparison on the two, along with part 2 of Evan’s cooking voicemail, how many notches there are in Hervé Villechaize’s bedpost, more #Cricket facts and the guest star for Sub-Tember!

Yes! Jason of the History of Bad Ideas Podcast joins us this week to let Pat have a break! You can find them on Twitter at @BadIdeasPodcast and on Facebook too!

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