Dungeons & Dragons and Beyond! D&D from ADD to D&D 5th!

Dungeons & Dragons and Beyond! D&D from ADD to D&D 5th!

YES! The new Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves trailer dropped at #SDCC yesterday! It’s looking great, and we’re excited that #D&D is getting the right treatment for once! Check out the trailer and then listen to our Dungeons & Dragons show!

Years ago, we discovered a game that allowed us to become someone else, a fighter, ranger, swashbuckler, thief, or wizard. Dungeons & Dragons! This game introduced us to worlds of our own creation, monsters that needed slaying, princesses that needed saving and treasure that needed looting, or in some of our cases, just outright stealing.

The game (and others like it!) were central in bringing the four of us together, and to this day we still play. In this episode the guys talk about #D&D that is, Dungeons & Dragons and D&D Beyond! The (somtimes drunken) character creation nights (why did I get three barrels of raisins?) to the games that we play now it’s all about the adventure, the dice, the books, the maps…there’s lot of stuff….huh.

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