Dune: Lynch 1984 v Villeneuve 2021

Dune: Lynch 1984 v Villeneuve 2021

We’re back, baby and we’re letting the spice flow like wine. After much time in the desert of hiatus, Mike, Pat, Joel and Josh have returned and they’re ready to take on Frank Herbert’s ‘Dune’!

In 1984, David Lynch attempted to slay this monster of a sci-fi story. He brought along his friends Kyle MacLachlan, Sting and a whole lot of sandworms. In 2021, Denis Villeneuve is attempting the same thing, but with 99.9% less MacLachlan.

If you’re into watching Patrick Stewart stabbing at things, Sting in a codpiece, Jason Momoa being awesome or Zendaya squinting, then ‘Dune’ may be your holy grail of films. Pull out your spice rack and prepare for war, as ’40 Going On 14’ is heading to Arrakis for our ‘Dune’ show!

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