Comfort Foods and another helping of that fried chicken!

Comfort Foods and another helping of that fried chicken!

What’s so wonderful about a little sugar, fat and salt? Why does it make us feel so happy and content? Is it that the foods that contain these little serotonin bullets are just delicious or is it that they’re tied to things in our lives that make us feel warm and fuzzy inside. This week, we’re going to find out.

It’s the comfort food show! We’re discussing all the delightful delectables that defy description and make us smile. Mike, Pat, Joel and Josh have pulled out their recipe cards from childhood to now and are reviewing the coffee stained memories to find out what foods truly deserve the title of their favorite comfort foods.

Meatloaf, fried chicken and pies, oh my! This may be the first episode where you can actually hear someone gaining weight. If you don’t believe me, take a listen right now! It’s the comfort food show!

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