Baker Street, both the Boys and the Irregulars.

Baker Street, both the Boys and the Irregulars.

‘Ello gov’na!

We’re revisiting a topic that we tackled previously from a different angle. On this week’s episode, we’re talking about the world’s greatest detective. No, not Batman and not Jessica Fletcher. If you haven’t solved this mystery yet, I’m referring to Sherlock Holmes!

However, we’re hitting the cobblestones with the BBC series, ‘The Baker Street Boys’ and the recent Netflix update, ‘The Irregulars’. They’re Sherlock’s young brigade of street level sleuths, who get into all kinds of trouble.

We’ve put on our deerstalker and are calling in a favor from Mr. Pipe, in order to crack this case. Turn on your gaslight lanterns and prick up your ears, let us regale you with tales of mystery and mayhem.

Cheerio, mates!

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This week’s Geek Life Radio artist/song of the week is Warp 11 with What Would William Shatner Do?

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